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Offer safe and effective products that put an end to some of your most aggressive ailments.

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We offer safe and effective products that can put an end to some of your most aggravating ailments.

Our unique product benefits are:

  • Fast-Absorbing, Long-Lasting Pain Relief
  • Regenerate, Replenish, and Restore
  • No pills to swallow
  • Just rub it on
  • Help improve mobility and flexibility
  • Helps decrease inflammation
  • Typical results after first application


  • All natural ingredients
  • No chemicals or toxins
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Noticeable difference within the first 15 minutes after application
  • Use daily for healing & preventive care
  • Each jar last 2-3 months

Don’t take our word for it…Check out our video testimonials to hear real people and how our products have helped them!

Wholistic Living Studies

Introduction of Wholistic Living Habits of Highly Successful People

Our Mission

Dr. Nancy’s Body Soul Essentials’ mission is to move humanity one step closer to the Kingdom of God naturally through the physical Body, spiritually through the soul, bridging the gap between Ministry and Wholistic Living

Our Project

The “Veterans in Pain Project” is a project that was born Veterans Day in 2015 by Dr. Nancy of Dr. Nancy’s Body Soul Essentials.

Dr. Nancy, a Wholistic Doctor, was inspired by the Holy Spirit that revealed that “Veterans” are some of the “Dearest Souls” who volunteer to risk their lives for the lives of others as Christ did on the cross for all of humanity.

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Our Body Soul Essentials members get weekly lessons from Dr. Nancy in these six specific areas of focus.  We also provide a private group for our members to discuss topics and talk about the latest health innovations.

INTRODUCTION: The introduction is a welcome from Dr. Nancy where she explains the membership and what you can expect to get from being a member.


THE JOURNEY: We all heard the saying “Life is a Journey” and yes it is, but knowing it’s a journey and being equipped for the journey are two totally different things. This category equips you for the journey.

ESSENTIAL TIPS: This category will give you, quick, short and simple tips; for example; 3 natural way to overcome emotional eating, 5 wholistic ways to boost your immune system during flu season, or ways to overcome High Blood Pressure Naturally.

PHYSICAL ESSENTIALS:  Good Health doesn’t just happen, learn how to take care of yourself wholistically; Learn good nutrition and how to alkaline the body with food and water, Learn primary and secondary detoxing and steps to doing both. Incorporate good life practices to make lifestyle changes.

HERBAL ESSENTIALS: From a biblical perspective, the herbs of the land will heal the nations; is what is written in “Revelations”. In this category, in addition to showing you and explain how and when to use my All Natural Herbal lines, I will also recommend good herbal products on the market and explaining their benefits.

SPIRITUAL ESSENTIALS: Spirituality is the “Main Frame” to all that is. This area will cover topics like; A battle between 2 Kingdoms, Learn about “Jacobs Ladder’ in Genesis 28; a Ladder of upward knowledge and faith. Explore yourself as an multi-dimensional Being; your physical and spiritual sides. Learn the Difference between Detoxing and Fasting and why both are important.

Membership Courses


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  • Cancel anytime
  • New members video’s every week
  • Private members-only group
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Dr. Nancy

Wholistic Doctor, Education, Author
Mother of Nations

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A Doctor of Wholistic Ministry, A Certified Natural Health & Lifestyle Professional, and a Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist



As a speaker she has presented, hosted and keynoted for businesses, organizations and churches on a local and national level.



As the first African American woman certified as an Air Traffic Control Specialist at the nation’s busiest airport in Atlanta she worked grueling hours.

Calm eBook

Congratulations on embarking on the journey of taking control of your life by reducing stress and living the life you deserve! This workbook can be used on your own or in CALM: Corporate Stress Reduction Workshop, Class or Individual Session. It will introduce you to wholistic and practical ways of handling stress on the job and even at home. This workbook is divided into 5 sections. The first section is “Know Your Stressors”, it will help you define stress and help you discover what your major stressors really are. The next section, “Eat for Energy”, provides a blueprint on how to maintain energy and reduce stress through the foods we consume. The section entitled “Think Calmly, Think Clearly”, teaches how a change in perspective can actually reduce your stress. The next section, “Relax Your Body”, is replete with relaxation activities you can do at your desk. And the last section, “Create Your Plan”, will help you set goals and create a plan to reduce stressors. We want this workbook to be a catalyst to the stress-free life you so deserve!

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